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  • Property TypeIndustrial Plot
  • Property Sub Type Industrial Land
  • Transaction type Sale
  • Project NameReliance MET
  • Area Gurgaon Jhajjar Road
  • Locality Jhajjar
  • Plot Size2000 Sq Meter
  • Rate On Request /
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Industrial Plots at Reliance MET


What is the size of land area for Reliance MET Jhajjar?

Reliance Model Economic Township is spread across more than 2000 acres.

What is the phasewise possession time for Reliance MET ?

Reliance MET is ready for possession with all necessary infrastructure facilities in place in phasewise manner.

What kind of plots are available in Reliance MET?

Reliance MET has Industrial Plots/ SCO Plots/ Residential/ Commercial Plots.

Is it a free hold or lease hold land?

Reliance Industrial Plots, SCO Plots are free hold property.

What is category of manufacturing units allowed from environment perspective?

The categogy permissible are White, Green and Orange but not RED.

Have all licenses been obtained for industrial township?

Yes, all licenses have been obtained for Reliance Industrial Plots / Township.

What is the Payment Plan?

Reliance Industrial Plots have flexible TEN months payment plan.

What is the discount available in Reliance Industrial Plots Price / rate?

Yes, It is available if you buy Reliance industrial plots in bigger size then Price is accordingly available i.e. 10% discount if plot size is 1 acre or more. 

Is Bank Loan facility available for this Reliance industrial plot / land?

Yes, It is available from many a govt. banks and other financial institution.

Industrial Plots at Reliance MET are part of Model Economic Township Limited, 100% subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited by Sh. Mukesh Ambani Group, the largest Indian company in the private sector. in Delhi NCR is of 8250 acres (3340 hectares) of industrial land township on DMIC (Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor) in the district of Jhajjar and Gurgaon Haryana. As part of the first phase of development the Reliance Industrial Plots Jhajjar has obtained licenses. Reliance MET Industrial Plots Jhajjar is engaged in the development of an Integrated Industrial Township on State Highway 15-A near Farukhhnagar Town, Haryana. The total township is spread over 8500 acres of which we have received license from Haryana Govt. to develop 2000 acres. The anchor industries are Panasonic, Denso and Amber and Tirupati and many other MSME and nearly about 30% of the area is occupied by Overseas companies from JapanFrance and Korea.. we have till date sold more than 1200 acres to 200+ industrial units, of which Consumer Durables, Plastics, Auto Components General Engg and footwear sectors dominate and manufacturing of garments.


The area has strong linkages to the major urban areas amongst the surrounding developments of the north Indian region as well as other regions through national and state highways, expressways as well as rail corridors also has Rail connectivity to the Northern Railway line and linked to the Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) of Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC)


MET Project is strategically located in the industrially backward Jhajjar district and adjoining parts of Gurgaon district of Haryana State covering 30 revenue villages, of which 22 are in Jhajjar district and 8 in Gurgaon district.


Power requirements will be met from the State distribution grid. Haryana state is aggressively on a mission to becoming a power sufficient state. The project will establish 220 KV GIS substations, as these are connected to the national grid, hence ensuring good reliability of power.

Reliance MET Industrial Plots Features

  • Ideally located in Delhi NCR
  • Creation of 220 KV GIS substations for reliable power in the MET
  • 100 MLD surface water from NCR Channel will ensure availability of water
  • CETP & STP will ensure environment friendly disposal system
  • Located in the NCR, ensure availability of skill set manpower
  • Private Freight Terminal (PFT) will take advantage of the upcoming DFC
  • DFC, DMIC and the KMP Expressway will enhance core infrastructure and create complementary economic activities
  • World class Infrastructure, Residential, Commercial & Social Infrastructure



The land is fairly flat and the average elevation of the district is about 215m above Mean Sea Level (MSL), with an elevation difference of about 1m and is marked by alluvial plains and at some places by undulating dunes. There is a gentle slope towards an outfall drain that runs across the site. The hydraulic gradient of ground water is very gentle. The load carrying capacity of the soil is high.


The nearest environmentally sensitive area is the Sultanpur National Park (SNP) located 10 kms from the developable area. MET is outside the sensitive zone of 5 kms as notified by the Ministry of Environment and Forests. The project has received environment clearance for development of its first phase of 1860 acres of land.

Water Bodies

A network of water supply channels, and drainage canals pass through the MET area. Some of the significant ones are the Gurgaon Water Supply Channel and the NCR Water Supply Channel that supply potable water to the region including the city of Gurgoan and Manesar, and the Outfall Drain No. 8 (Najafgarh Drain) passes through the site designed to carry excess storm water into river Yamuna.


The climate of the area can be classified as tropical steppe, semi-arid and hot which is mainly characterized by the extreme dryness of the air except during monsoon months, intensely hot summers and cold winters. The winter season prevails from January to the beginning of March and followed by the summer season which prevails up to the last week of June. The normal annual rainfall in Jhajjar district is about 444 mm spread over 23 days.



Reliance MET is a green field project developed in the area comprising 22 villages within its identified boundary in Jhajjar. The villages have a total population of 48,471 (2011 census). There is no history of any disturbances based on religion denomination in the area. People are hardworking and industrious and the joint family system which was in vogue is slowly giving way to nuclear families. Girls are making major strides in education and service sectors.

Farukhnagar town is steeped in history for being one of the locations for holding prisoners captured by the British in the 1857 mutiny. The Delhi-Farukhnagar rail link is one of the oldest in the country having been commissioned in the year 1873. There are six pair of trains that operate daily to and from Farukhnagar connecting Delhi and other cities in North India.


This area is part of the industrially backward block of Jhajjar district. Essentially an agriculture economy with small land holdings, farming and animal husbandry are main source of livelihood.

The average Work Participation Rate (WPR) in the MET project area, which is the percentage of total workers is 31% of which 82% are male and 18% female.(2011 Census)

The economic activities currently undertaken in area are agricultural, trade and services. Of late, the residents are engaged in seeking training to improve their skills for new age technologies. Many persons are working in automotives, electronics, apparel industries etc

A large percentage of male population from this area joins the Defense and Police Forces and have well served the nation.


Proximity to Delhi, the millennium city Gurgaon, Bahadurgarh and Manesar and the presence of number of educational institutions and small scale industries in the region enables access to a large pool of manpower with varied skill sets.


Some of the favorable location attributes are:

It is part of the Delhi National Capital Region (NCR) and shares it border with the Delhi State.

5 Advantages to truly invest in Industrial Plots at Reliance MET, we have a tendency to create an investment or maybe when we have a tendency to area unit shopping for plots and lands. What if we are able to get each hand in hand, an ideal plot at associate degree impeccable worth? Reliance MET in Gurgaon is one such investment that will prevent years of worrying. The benefits or let’s say few reasons why reliance industrial plots are best for the investment area unit provided.

Since being one in every of the quickest growing town and a preferred place for industries and IT firms makes it a lot of demand.

The 5 amazing facts why you can’t ignore Reliance MET for investment purposes in Gurgaon.

1. Simply accessible

2. Good Geographical Location

Once we observe Reliance MET in Gurgaon, it possesses a good geographical location. simply accessible from all major cities like Old Delhi NCR, south Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida that is a plus for all IT firms and industries.

3. Nice reference to all the landmarks

Educational Hubs: The Closeness to high school & instructional institutes: SCJ World faculty, GD Goenka World faculty, Ryan International faculty, DPS keeps the resident's lives not off course.

Hospitality: whereas individuals’ area unit ne'er imagined being bored that the hotels, bars are on the forefront like Country hostelry, Westin, Crowne Plaza, Vivanta (Taj), etc.

Health Centres: whereas working out benefits, each individual ought to have a good attack this –: Medanta Medicity, Artemis, Fortis & easy lay health care, etc all area unit approachable in Reliance MET in Gurgaon.

Business Hubs: Why each MNC and IT firms area unit enterprise Reliance MET in Gurgaon, the solution is within the question itself. Since, firms like Cognizant, Google, TNS software package, Huawei, Aricent, Pfizer, Genpact far more all give North American country some valid reasons for investment.

4. Higher ROI

For every capitalist or customer, the type of leverage they get whereas investment in Reliance MET plots in Gurgaon is unmatched. The sole reason why property rates have up from 10- 15 August 1945 is that the shortage of land. This will be a real understatement conjointly since patrons Paid 10-20% less for properties in South Old Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida. Paid 10-15% a lot of for properties on South of Gurgaon.

5. Future growth

This golden chance will be solely understood by few, affirmative the people that are literally taking action. Over 250 of the Fortune five hundred firms, it's calculable, have their offices in Gurgaon. These embody firms like PepsiCo, Coke, Gillette, Google, Dell, Microsoft– to call a couple of. As a lot of firms are available, they're going to notice a more cost-effective property choice in Reliance MET in Gurgaon.

Since the long run of the project is bright. Your investment within the property would get you the most effective come back within the future if you sell the property. So, what’s the purpose of waiting? If you truly wish to grasp a lot regarding Reliance MET plots in Gurgaon.

This is the chance

Don’t miss this chance, the foremost favorable factor regarding living in Gurgaon (also called the underground town of India) is that the convenience and therefore the growing career opportunities. The flaunting roads and therefore the wider approach of living impress all too truly get associate degree insight for beginning or growing your business and standards of living. One such place is booming that is Industrial Plots at Reliance MET.

Recognizing the traces, Reliance MET is currently introducing a “model economic administrative district (MET)” in Jhajjar, a state that is forty-five minutes drive from Gurgaon and fifty min from Old Delhi. Merging this industrial district called (MET) is distributed across 8250 acres in Haryana. The acceptance of incorporating 220-kilovolt station and 24hrs of nice electricity offer is significantly a good thought wherever surface water allocation from NCR channel conjointly makes this place a lot of credible. Excluding these trending entities, the most effective factor is that the KMP specific approach conjointly called Western peripheral specific approach bypassing Old Delhi provides a good property with NH two, NH 8, NH seventy-one within the Old Delhi NCR.

Overview of this project

Distance - Jhajjar (Haryana) – 14 kilometer

The quality sizes of Reliance MET industrial plots area unit a thousand sqm, 2000 sqm, 1 acre, 2.5 acres & five acres. The reliance met industrial plots price is Rs. 9000/- per sq. or more depending on size of plot. Since the project is within the intermediate stage wherever quite a few firms like Panasonic and Denso have established their producing units within the MET Project. The model economic administrative district project can still be developed within the Industrial Model administrative district framework on the directly-purchased land. The event work has started on 290 acres of land as an associate degree 'industrial colony'.

RERA Registration Number : Model Economic Township Zone 1 to 3
110 (a) of 2017 dt. 02.11.2017 for 276.006 acres
HRERA-PKL-JJR-1-2018 dt. 28.03.2018 for 8.125 acres

RERA Registration Number : Model Economic Township Zone 5 & 7

135 of 2017 dt. 28.08.2017 for 88.725 acres
HRERA-PKL-JJR-6-2018 dt. 27.04.2018 for 472.3875 acres

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