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  • Property TypeIndustrial Plot
  • Property Sub Type Industrial Land
  • Transaction type Sale
  • Project NameRIICO
  • Area Jaipur
  • Plot Size1000
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Riico plots Available


RIICO is extending a special land package to those units as per the tiny print given below:

a. Major IT software package firms (Annual turnover quite Rs.100crores from software package activities)

Land allotment at ordinal of prevailing industrial rate in IT Park and totally different especially elite IT zones provided the unit makes a minimum mounted investment of Rs.10crores on the land allotted at intervals a quantity of 4 years from the date of allotments.

b. Major IT hardware firms (Annual turnover quite Rs.200crores from IT hardware activities)

Land allotment at ordinal of prevailing industrial rate in EPIP, physics Zone at Industrial house, Kukas and Sitapura, Electronic Zone, Kota or the opposite specially elite zones provided the unit makes a minimum mounted investment of Rs.50 crores on the land allotted at intervals a quantity of 5 years from the date of allotment.

c. General IT software package units.

To General IT software package units having allotted wind up to 5 acres in IT Park, Jaipur and totally different specially elite IT zones a ordinal direct discount on prevailing industrial rate is allowed. The unit will get more discount of 100% if it commences business production at intervals three years from date of allotment of land.

d. General IT hardware units.

General IT hardware units ar extended twenty fifth rebated on land upto 5 acres in any industrial house for fixing comes at intervals 3 yeas from date of allotment of land.

e. Advanced IT Institutes

Land upto 5 acres for Advanced IT Institutes, giving MCA/BE or equivalent courses might even be allotted in IT Park, Jaipur and totally different specially elite zones at 5 hundredth of prevailing industrial rate. The institutes shall begin operation at intervals 3 years of allotment of land and small produce minimum mounted investment of Rs.5 crores at intervals 5 years.

f. General portable computer employment Institutes

Land might even be allotted to general IT institutes in any RIICO industrial areas at the prevailing industrial rate.

Note: the upper than concessions are subject to the payment of full development charges created at intervals sixty days of allotment of land otherwise the concessions shall be down by ball points. together no totally different rebates/incentives shall be applicable to those IT comes.


A large information Technology Park has been promoted at EPIP, Sitapura, Jaipur, at intervals that settled house and developed plots at low-cost prices would be created on the market. Production Incentive of fifty of land price is being provided to entrepreneurs whose units get into business production at intervals a pair of years of land allotment throughout this park.

An Earth Station has been encounter at intervals the Park to supply state of art high speed transmission facility.

For enhancing convenience of portable computer professionals a pair of advanced Computing Institutes ar to a lower place active implementation at intervals the I.T. Park.

Computer software package is being thought of as associate in business for the aim of all incentives and concessions. Software package units are being thought of as industrial customers and electricity tariff is levied consequently. This business is exempted from the provisions of pollution management laws.


In order to push integrated agro-industrial complexes, the govt has announced a policy to a lower place those barren upto 5 hundred hectares is usually allotted. In special cases, barren even up to thousand hectares ar typically thought of for allotment. The allotments to a lower place the theme are created once a techno-economic appraisal of the project.


A Centre for Development of Stones (C-Dos) has been encounter by the govt and RIICO with the active association of business. it will shriveled as a centre for employment, research, technological dissemination and totally different activities to support the enlargement of dimensional stone business on a property basis. Annual buyer-seller meets/stone fairs ar organized messily with business Associations and interested foreign collaborators. RIICO, for fixing of this Centre, has provided land in Sitapura Industrial house on the brink of the EPIP.

EXHIBITION sophisticated

An International Exhibition sophisticated seed Convention Centre is projected to be discovered at Sitapura, Jaipur. This could be a venture project between RIICO and private sector. the govt would ponder a special package of concessions for the establishment of this prestigious sophisticated. However, exemption from recreation tax on the recreation entries at intervals the sophisticated shall be exempted for a quantity of fifteen years.


Exemption from Power Cut

• New industrial units having connected load no over 300 KVA, are exempted from power move the extent doable.

• 100% EOUs the investment of that's quite Rs.10crores are 100% exempted from power cuts.

• Units discovered in EPIP/Export Zone/IT Park is exempted from power cuts.


Small scale and medium scale units with power load to 100 and fifty ar exempted from payment of minimum charges for a quantity of one year from the date of power association and may be required to pay only for the actual consumption.

Large industrial land customers ar allowed to pay the actual consumption charges for Associate in Nursing quantity of six months from the date of unleash of association and for next six months the patron is allowed relaxation in minimum charges to the extent of fifty. The patron shall be required to pay the actual consumption charges of fifty of minimum charges whichever is higher.

Captive power plants are freely allowable. Rural feeders are converted into industrial feeders throughout a phased manner. Disconnected sick units once revival by constant promoter will pay entirely 1/3rd of minimum charges of actual consumption whichever is higher for the number of ill health as certified by RIICO/RFC.


An interest grant of 5%will incline on loan sanctioned by RIICO/RFC to approved Heritage building comes in any respect places in Rajasthan.

Interest grant of fifty are given on loans sanctioned by RIICO/RFC to approved one, a combine of and 3 star building comes in special areas (e.g. Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Barmer). in several areas/places, the interest grant of 3 is given.

5-year-100% exemption from recreation tax for amusement parks, water parks etc.

New Cinema Halls exempted from recreation tax for 5 years.


Allotment for land is completed by Regional geographic point on constant day once approached by the capitalist. Some notional formalities ar as follows:

1. get entangled with RIICO’s Regional geographic point or Head geographic point at Jaipur or metropolis geographic point and have the land allotment kind accountancy Rs.100 entirely (Rs.150 simply just in case of EPIP, Jaipur)

2. Fill at intervals the land application from decipherably giving all getable details required during this.

3. Deposit the protection money at the speed of I Chronicles of the prevailing rate of development charges, for regardless of by your land demand subject to minimum amount of Rs.2500.

4. Attach a draft for twenty fifth of the event charges calculated on the premise of the speed announced for the business house and thus the dimensions of plot required. The capitalist would be required to make payment of the rest seventy fifth of the event charges at intervals sixty days of the allotment of plot.


A facility has been provided to the entrepreneurs to make twenty fifth payment of the event charges with the applying and thus the remainder seventy fifth throughout a quantity of 5 years in nineteen equal quarterly installments with day interest annually.

REBATE on land

RIICO offers following concessions and facilities for land requirements/allotment at its varied industrial areas:

1. Land allotment to scheduled Castes and scheduled Tribes at 5 hundredth backed rate of allotment upto a most of 2,000 sq. mts. of allotment in associate in industrial house.

2. A pair of hundredth rebate in land rates for fixing associate in trade upto a most of 4,000 sq. mts. of allotment.

3. Day rebate in land rates to physically incapacitated and disabled persons hungry of fixing their business upto a most of 2,000 sq. mts. of allotment in associate in industrial house.

4. 25 rebate in land rates to ex-servicemen and some of reservation in allotment for ex-servicemen, up to 2,000 sq. mts.

5. 100% rebate in land to women entrepreneurs, up to 2,000 sq. mts.

6. A rebate of 100% in land rates simply just in case of allotment of plots measuring 10,000 sqm. Shall incline. If house is kind of 10,000 sqm. Then, more rebate of zero.5% per 1,000 sqm. Most rebate shall be twenty fifth if the allottee opts for a plot of 40,000 sqm. or above. If the allottee of the plot measuring forty,000 sqm. or extra envisages Associate in Nursing investment of Rs. 50crores or extra, then, more rebate of 100% over and better than twenty fifth shall incline.

For fixing Power comes the limit of investment mentioned on top of would be Rs.25crores instead of Rs.50 crores.

The allotment, transfer, mortgage, sub-letting and sub-division procedures are simplified. For instance, full powers ar delegated to the RIICO’s Regional Managers for making speedy decision regarding allotment, regularization and transfer.

One necessary decision is that the building plans of business plot sizes upto 40,000 sq. mtr., residential plot upto 5 hundred sq. mtr. And business plot upto 300 sq. mtr. will not want any approval. Entirely certificate of allottee shall be enough for approval. For larger sizes of plots, maps shall be approved by registered architects.

If associate in capitalist wishes to convert land on the so much aspect the fringe of 1 km of RIICO Industrial house, no emissary would be required. Peripheral development charges have together been reduced from twenty 5 to 10 per cent.

Vacant business plots in RIICO areas can presently be allowed to be freely transferred on payment of 5 per cent transfer charges. Earlier, special category of allottee happiness to scheduled castes, ex-servicemen and girls entrepreneurs were allotted land on concessional rates. presently they go to be allowed concessional rates even for partnership and private restricted firms, provided all the persons/directors belong to constant category.


Infrastructure sector has received a innovative boost following some concrete incentives being provided thereto by the govt. of land. They are expected to push enlargement of quality infrastructure at intervals the country. The incentives are:

• 5-year Tax vacation for any enterprise that builds, maintains and operates infrastructure facilities at intervals the house of Highways, Expressways and new Bridges, Airports, Ports, speedy Mass Transport Systems, Irrigation, installation, Sanitation, and Sewerage Systems.

• This Tax vacation are on the market to enterprises that begin operation once one Apr, 1995.

• Dividends, interest on long haul capital gains on Infrastructure funds exempted from tax.

• Underneath section 80-IA of the tax Act, new industrial undertakings, building and Shipping



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