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  • Property TypeIndustrial Plot
  • Property Sub Type Industrial Land
  • Transaction type Sale
  • Area Bhiwadi
  • Plot Size1000
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Rajasthan State Industrial and Investment Corporation restricted was established in New Style calendar month 1980. The foremost functions of RIICO are to supply up to this point infrastructural facilities and services to the entrepreneurs and allot public land for economic development of Rajasthan. However, the organization has did not meet its supposed objectives.

In 2011, a bourgeois and Auditor General of Bharat report found that between 2005 and 2010, the organization planned to develop twenty six industrial estates having a space of 8,986 acres like quite 8,000 association football fields. Further, the CAG reportable that there was a delay of twelve years by RIICO in developing twelve industrial units having a try of 445 acres of land. To boot, 2,159 acres of land non ancestral by RIICO between 2005 and 2009 wasn't developed into industrial areas.

The corporation did not take the possession of 2,014 acres of land despite paying the compensation amount of ? 117 integer to native landowners. As on March 2005, 8,224 acres of land was lying unused in twenty four industrial areas across the state manifesting the abject failure of the Rajasthan government to effectively use public land. RIICO jointly did not offer to basic infrastructure facilities like street lighting, installation, and quality roads in industrial areas, that affected the economic process inside the state.

RIICO exploited the land they non ancestral inside the name of economic development. From 2005 the land below continuing or encroachment command by RIICO increased from 260 acres to 651 acres in 2010. the price of the encroached land went up from ?8 integer integer integer. The organization jointly has no information regarding their own one,540 acres of economic areas.

If a private company owned such vast tracts of land parcels, wouldn’t it defend them from encroachments and develop it for use? exclusively a agency can afford to possess vast tracts of valuable land and it's encroached upon and even forget that it owns the dear land.

There were intensive irregularities involved inside the allotment of land to companies for fixing place industries. In 2006, RIICO appointed 10 acres of land to United Breweries restricted inside the Chopanki Industrial area (Bhiwadi II). The land was reserved for hospitals, parks, and roads but was pleased for the noble purpose of production brew. RIICO sanctioned the plot for ?1,000 per sq. m. However, the prevailing rate was between ?1,590 per sq. m. and ?1,800 per sq.m. This semiconductor to the loss of ?1.36 integer to Rajasthan taxpayers.

In 2007, RIICO appointed twenty 5 acres of land to an organization inside the Patherdi industrial area in whereas not mentioning the actual fact that the land was below continuing. the company could not undertake any industrial activity on the land. Further, RIICO appointed thirty acres of land to Orient Craft restricted to set-up business. However, the company did not set-up one thing on the appointed land whereas it received undue favors of ?85 hundred thousand by receiving an academic degree direct rebate.

These square measure merely some of samples of irregularities happened in land allotment by RIICO. The inefficiencies inside the functioning of RIICO have invariably been the case in spite of that government is inside the facility.

Irregularities at RIICO show but bureaucrats operational inside the name of development misuse public resources for his or her personal gains. Inside the first place, we tend to tend to don’t even need industrial development firms like RIICO if we have a restrictive surroundings tributary for doing business. Organizations like RIICO exclusively waste public resources which will square measure used much more efficiently for the economic development of the country.


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