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  • Property TypeResidential
  • Property Sub Type Residential Plots at Reliance MET
  • Transaction type Sale
  • Project NameReliance MET City
  • Area Gurgaon Jhajjar Road
  • Locality Jhajjar
  • Facing East


Reliance Met Residential Projects, Residential Plot at Reliance MET


Residential Plot at Reliance MET is planned to be an integrated, self-contained city designed to attract and accommodate the best people to live, work, and enjoy. As a smart city, the residential developments will offer various levels of affordability to allow all types of people to live in it. In addition to improving the walk-to-work concept, the colonies will also strengthen the walk-to-work concept. There are both group housing plots and plotted developments available.


Why to Invest in Reliance MET Residential Plots near Gurgaon?


With the enormous measure of ventures occurring at Reliance MET private and modern plots now, it can't be rejected that it is often ahead right now in hypothesis. In any case, one should understand that Reliance is a consultant and a specialist in many fudging tech adventures. At the point when we put assets in Reliance MET, we can view at it as a splendid chance. It would not be so chaotic for interest soon. Reliance MET is a significant speculation center in view of the expanded deluge of new organizations and the interest for homes with each major extravagance. Reliance MET can set a market worth and license purchasers to place assets into this space and backing their startup plans. Taking into account the expanding request, it is turning into a more important strategy for huge possibilities and fame. From the beginning, it had been a noticeable spot for intruders, and it is presently India's greatest markdown and retail feature and is thriving as a worldwide modern community. Nonetheless, if simply thinking about the beneficial outcomes of this spot, it would not convey value to other mechanical hypotheses


Reliance Met Residential Projects


A completely incorporated mechanical municipality, the Reliance MET City Project is visualized as having industry bunches that give rail and street associations, support foundation of coordinations center points, and private, business, and sporting framework. In the region of Jhajjar and abutting spaces of Gurgaon, its property bank sums more than 8250 sections of land, where it is to be created dependent on an Industrial Model Township. The organization conceptualized Model Economic Township (MET) as the financial objective of north India's regressive Jhajjar area and is a 100% auxiliary of Reliance Ventures Limited, Reliance Industries Limited's 100% auxiliary..

Several development plans for development areas in New Delhi's L-Zone, Gurgaon-Manesar Urban Complex, Jhajjar Development Plan area, and Farrukhnagar Development Plan area surround the MET project area. Moreover, the Government has made arrangements to permit the region to use different metropolitan offices considered accessible to metropolitan regions. Along the public expressway that prompts Dwarka, 35 km from Jamnagar is Reliance Greens, which is home to more than 6500 individuals from the Reliance family who are connected to the organization's mechanical juggernaut across the parkway. Northern Saurashtra's rich, dry territory, blended in with the changed profile and provincial starting points of our staff, moved us to build up a common habitat that was altruistic, independent, independent and self-sustaining where nature could thrive and a local area succeed.


The homes are bunched into little and enormous groups, each masterminded around a green. Notwithstanding the CBSE schools, each with a sporting and social field, an Olympic-sized pool, a cricket and football ground, tennis and b-ball courts. Among the offices in the space are a 40-bed medical clinic, a shopping center, a gas station, an amusement complicated, a bank, and a gas station.

There are desalination plants and a canal in the Narmada basin that provide fresh water. Approximately 90% of the water supplied to this plant is recovered, treated, and recirculated. In addition, using vermiculture, organic waste is converted into manure that is applied to surrounding farms.


Plots sizes


Reliance Met Residential Plots is available in different sizes like 105 Sq.Yd, 125 Sq.Yd, 145 Sq.Yd, 155 Sq.Yd and 180 Sq.Yd.

As India's biggest assembling and telecom organization, Reliance Industries, established by Dhirubhai Ambani on May 8, 1973, is presently in charge of the model economy. Since its name characterizes trust, it can't be depicted. Reliance has 195,618 representatives added to its repertoire (2020) covering a wide scope of resources for increment and increment the certainty of each worker to date. Different estimated business plots are arranged in key mechanical zones directed by MET. Both private retail and modern/business discount markets will profit from these business plots.

Solid Infrastructure of the Plots

Roads with a network width of 18m / 24m / 36m / 45m.

Supply of 220 KV power 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Water supply networks - Surface and underground sources.

Reliable Wastewater Recycling for Telecommunications Networks.

In terms of the number of green spaces, golf courses, fun, and games examined with expert architects on top, METLs will surely play a vital role in the growth of your business.



Experts have brought their expertise to this exceptional project. For example, they are targeting unemployment in the nation and other fundamental factors that affect industrial and commercial development.


Specifications of the Reliance Residential Plots


Ideally located within Gurgaon, Jhajjhar.

MET substations with GIS of 220 Kv for reliable electricity

A surface water supply of 100 MLD from NCR Channel will be assured

A clean and efficient waste disposal system will be achieved through CETP & STP

The NCR ensures a skilled workforce is available

In anticipation of the upcoming DFC, the Private Freight Terminal (PFT) will use it.

In addition to improving core infrastructure, DMIC and the KMP Expressway will generate complementary economic activity.

Providing world-class infrastructure for residential, commercial, and social purposes

All amenities and facilities developed in a newly constructed club house and that are available of around 50,000 sq. feet




Reliance Model Economic Township Farukhnagar


Plot size

105 Sq.Yd

125 Sq.Yd.

145 Sq.Yd.

155 Sq.Yd.

180 Sq.Yd.


First Launch

Basic  = 22,000- 25,000/sq yd ( range) /-

Other Charge = 1,500 /- sq yd approx.


Allowed for Still +4 Construction.


Booking Open

Limited Inventory

Payment plan 21 Month

80% Loan


Farukh Nagar Jhajjar State highway-15A


7 KM From KMP

12 KM From IMT Manesar


Kindly contact for further details- +91 9891606264


Frequently Asked Question


1. What is the exact location of the Reliance Residential plots?

Reliance MET Residential Plots are located near KMP Expressway, Farukhnagar exit on Gurgaon Jhajjar Road.

2. What is the plot size of the Reliance Met Residential Plot?

Reliance Met Residential Plot is available in different sizes like 105 Sq.Yd, 125 Sq.Yd, 145 Sq.Yd, 155 Sq.Yd and 180 Sq.Yd.

3. What is the price of plots in Residential Reliance met?

The price of Residential Reliance met basic prices is 25,000/- sq yd.


4. Is Reliance Met Residential Area Approved?

Reliance Met Residential Area project has been approved by the Government of Haryana for development in the district of Jhajjar, KMP Expressway, Farukhnagar and adjacent areas of Gurgaon based on the Industrial Model Township framework.

5. Are Reliance Met Residential Plots freehold?

Yes, Reliance Met Residential Plots is totally a freehold property.

6. Is Reliance Met Residential area Operational?

Reliance Met Residential area is fully operational and people are establishing here very fastly especially the investors. The infrastructure is properly developed with roads, water, sewage, electricity and drinking water. Proper connectivity is also available with all nearby areas.

7. Is there any loan facility available on Reliance Residential Plots?

Yes you can get the loan facility from SIDBI (Small Industries Development Bank of India) for Reliance Residential Plots

8. Possession Status of Reliance Residential Plots?

Some of the Reliance Residential Plots are ready for possession and the rest are under the plan of possession list.

9. What are the stamp duty charges of Reliance Residential Plots?

Stamp duty charges of Reliance Residential Plots differ by property location and gender. Stamp duty in areas that are within municipal boundaries is 7% for men and 5% for women. Women and men have to pay stamp duty of 3% and 5% in areas outside of their municipal limits, respectively.

10. What are the common area maintenance charges in Reliance Residential Plots?

The charges associated with Common Area Maintenance (CAM) are approximately between Rs 20 and Rs 25 per square meter per year. Costs incurred throughout the preceding year will be used to determine this estimate.


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