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  • Property TypeIndustrial Plot
  • Property Sub Type Industrial Land
  • Transaction type Sale
  • Area Jhajjar
  • Plot Size1000 Sq Meter
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Reliance MET Industrial Plots Jhajjar


Reliance Industrial Plots Jhajjar, every business selection has to be compelled to be taken the memory of its gift desires and future supportability. The Model Economic territorial division by Reliance Industries offers your Business advantages that facilitate your business blast these days likewise as guarantee its maintainability anon. MET has blessings distinguishing with its geologic space, atmosphere, and accessibility of the quality, network and social foundation. RIPL is a 100 per cent subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited, one of the largest companies in India. An Integrated Industrial Township is being developed near Farukhnagar Town, Haryana, by Reliance MET Jhajjar. The total area of the township is 8000 acres for which we have obtained a license from the Haryana Government. There are 1700 acres available for development. Panasonic, Denso, and Bati North are the anchor industries; have currently sold over 1000 acres to 180+ industrial units as well as to 2 logistics parks, which are dominated by Consumer Durables, Plastics, Auto Components General Engineering and footwear industries.


Connectivity in Jhajjar:

 The territory has solid linkages to the main urban territories among the surrounding advancements of the north Indian space even as totally different locales through national and state thruways, interstates even as rail halls. The solon International airdrome is fifty metric linear units off from the territorial division and also the Farukhnagar train station is the nearest to the task. A two metric linear unit rail connect from Farrukhnagar is to be reached, meant to be reached by a personal Freight Terminal (PFT) projected within the Project space. There is very good connectivity between Reliance MET and all National Highways and the main road, which is known as the western peripheral main road, passing through Old Delhi. In addition to NH2, 8, 71, 10, and all national highways, this project is connected to all major interstates.

There is currently a 2-kilometre link between the Farukhnagar depot extension and a private freight terminal. Also, the GarhiHarsaru station will be upgraded in order for consignments to be moved to North Road and the Dwarka Main Road. The supply chain will benefit Reliance MET's space in terms of logistics and transportation. Some of the Reliance MET plots are also residences. Residents of these plots who work for Reliance MET can live in home-like settings at an affordable rate. Within the accredited space of MET are plots of commercial property and SCO plots of a spread size. Residential and industrial plots meet the criteria of the state and federal governments.



In case you would like to develop and extend your business, scan on to find why you ought to start your base in Industrial Plots by Reliance MET:


Special Economic Zone (SEZ) advantages


Reliance Industrial Plots Jhajjar is settled very automatically in the reverse region and spreads trendy teams in SEZ during this manner drawing the duty recoveries and totally different blessings to your business completely attributable to its important space. Any business that you just claim will typically flourish additionally visible tax breaks and recoveries.


Geographical advantages:


The ground is level and also the heap holding limit of the dirt is unbelievably high. On the off likelihood that your business utilizes overwhelming equipment and vehicles, our territory bolsters. The pressure-driven slope of groundwater is likewise extraordinarily delicate. The everyday yearly precipitation in the Jhajjar venue is around 444 metric linear units that unfold for quite twenty-three days.

Supply Chain Management and Logistics:

In order to move products internationally, as well as domestically, Reliance MET would benefit from having access to rail and transport. A close project report for Indian railways has been prepared, and the Engineering Scale setup has been approved.


Resource advantages in Jhajjar:


Perceiving its potential for organized improvement, the zone was told as a controlled territory sanctioning the govt to line up a distinct advancement set up for the zone. The government has to pronounce the territory as a geographic region to empower victimization arrangements of the various urban offices to the region.

In the event that your business includes a place with an Associate in Nursing business that capacities on the ability offer and depends on water, labour, and coordination, Reliance Industrial Plots Gurgaon is that the one-stop for you. Vital water channels like the Gurgaon facility and NCR facility undergo Reliance Industrial Plots in Gurgaon with arrangements to convey overabundant stormwater into waterway Yamuna. Formation of 220 kV GIS substations is expected to empower access to dependable power within the MET whereas the PFT can supplement your coordination stipulations.

Reliance MET Industrial Plots worth offers all of you these blessings and at the same time keep your pocket full. MET could be a mixture of the foremost vital and needed highlights and blessings for business to develop. This just in case you are a representative sorting out a home for your business, we tend to anticipate you with nice enthusiasm.

Infrastructure Facility at Reliance MET Jhajjar



Power and electricity from Reliance MET are going to be provided via State distribution grids. Substations will be built at 220 kilovolts that will connect to the national grid through the new grid. Ensuring sufficient power to operate within the space is thus ensured.


GAIL provides all of the gas needed within the space for Reliance MET, which is connected to GAIL.


Through a newly developed water pipeline, Reliance MET will be able to sell water to the public. Water is currently available on the market through H2O Dig. This means that water will be readily available on the market. Investors looking for plots in Old Delhi or nearby areas have a high chance of finding a classy option in Reliance MET.


Plots in Jhajjar

Property Type  - Industrial, Industrial / Factory Land

 1000 Square Meters

Based on a technology developed by Reliance, the largest enterprise in India

There is ready access to freehold land for immediate development.

To enhance the trunk core infrastructure & create complementary economic activity, the government is planning to make heavy investments in Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC), Delhi- Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) & Kundli Manesar Palwal (KMP Expressway).

Kundli Manesar Palwal (KMP) Expressway runs along its western border with the National Capital Territory of Delhi (NCTD).

Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) is linked to the Northern Railway line by the Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC).

Enhanced infrastructure and complementary economic activity will result from the DFC, DMIC, and KMP Expressway

Development of industrial clusters

Footwear Park - In Development

Manufacturing Cluster for Electronics (EMC) - Under Development

Engineering Park, General

Park for food

Park for textiles and apparel

Reliance MET plots in Jhajjar under construction

Located in Tokyo (Japan), the Panasonic Technopark covers approximately 2,500 acres. Panasonic is currently expanding its operational area.

Over 18 acres have been established by Denso (Japan) and production has begun

The National Distribution Centre is being set up for North India by Reliance Retail

A private equity firm, Indospace, is creating an industrial park covering 110 acres

In Haryana, Industrial plots at Reliance MET are mostly in the Jhajjar district of Gurgaon. An industrial plot in old Delhi rated highly is the Reliance Model Economic Township in the Jhajjar district.

Despite being under development, the reliance on industrial plots in Jhajjar do not have integrated facilities with social or industrial infrastructure. The footwear park is located on 400 acres of land and focuses on this specific industry.


Reliance MET Size plots for industrial use

Land plots at Reliance Industrial Plots consist of 1000 square measure

2000 square measure, 1 acre, 2.5 acres, and 5 acres.

They were sold in a freehold manner.

All infrastructure facilities are available for sale.

There will be 1000-square-foot plots, 1 acre plots, 2.5-acre plots, and 5-acre plots available.


Why should one invest in Reliance MET Jhajjar?

Delhi has enacted strict regulations when it comes to industries located in residential and alternative areas close to the city. This has led to several corporations seeking industrial plots outside Old Delhi. It may be worth considering Reliance MET as an option. Investors seeking plots in Old Delhi can opt for schemes like Reliance MET which have Old Delhi ceilings for those factories.

Due to Covid 19, the so-called "Boycott China", will influence industrial homes in India to speculate. Such investors will be attracted to Old Delhi and its surrounding industrial areas.


Outline of key aspects of Reliance MET, Jhajjar:

A subsidiary of the largest private company in India- Reliance Industries

It is an 8250-acre area of free land.

Investors in Old Delhi can find various types of plots on the market.

It's located in the Old Delhi neighbourhood.

A total of 1860 acres of surrounding property has been cleared by Reliance MET.

Fantastic rail linkage, sturdy property, and multiple transportation options.

Government-approved licensing is required.

Over one hundred MCDs are available from newly created NCR channels.

Delhi Gurgaon plot prices grow at a rate of 150 per cent. Therefore, the investment made in Old Delhi today can fetch extremely high returns in the future. Investing firms can keep this in mind when planning investments.


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