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Reliance Industrial Plots


Reliance Model Economic town division, the area is one altogether the foremost glorious components deciding a business' prosperity. Areas can modify a business to form, support and develop. Your area can immensely have control on your costs, incomes and additionally the blessings you get. From swing away to mercantilism, everything depends upon what your area offers to your business.

Model Economic town costs square measure moderate associate in one and only despite the particular proven fact that it offers you the advantages of an honest area for each sort and each section of your business venture. Here's the reason you've got to be compelled to accumulate associate in Reliance industrial plot at Model Economic town.


Connectivity of Reliance plots


The industrial plots on the market on freehold basis square measure repaired with all necessary infrastructure utilities. Plots are going to be on the market for development in customary sizes of one thousand sqm, 2000sqm, 1 acre, 2.5 acres & five acres.


Strong Connectivity: KMP throughway additionally called the Western Peripheral throughway by passing urban center, passes through the project and provides property to any or all the National Highways– NH-2, NH-8, NH-71, NH-10 within the NCR. There square measure a pair of KMP road interchanges that square measure within the neighbourhood of the MET project space. The thruway (SH 15A) passing on the western a part of the project space has been planned to be developed as a National route. 2 major district roads (MDRs) with four lane median divided roads tolerate the project space viz, MDR 123 connecting Jhajjar in North west and on the west to Najafgarh in West Delhi, and MDR 136 that connects Bahadurgarh on the North East and Gurgaon on the South East.


Logistic Hub: an outsized industrial town needs access to rail network for safe and fast movement of products each internationally and domestically. a personal Freight Terminal (PFT) in village Khaliqpur has received in essence approval and Rail Transport Clearance. The PFT are going to be connected to the Northern Railway line at GarhiHarsaru and there onward to the western ports via the prevailing lines and planned Dedicated Freight passageway (DFC) via a spur at Rewari. The Engineering Scale set up (ESP) are cleared and approval of the elaborate Project Report (DPR) is below method with Indian Railway. Land for the creation of the siding and logistical park is already on the market. Land for establishing the walk property to the Northern Railway is below acquisition by the government. This PFT are going to be a significant facility created inside the NCR in shut proximity to the cities of Gurgaon, Bahadurgarh, Jhajjar and urban centre.


Development inside the town


The advancement as of presently began inside the town division once the endorsement of the enable from the law-makers on 365 sections of land. This implies your business would be set with the overwhelming majority of the noticeable business extends inside the state like Panasonic and Denso that have begun their activities and quickly utilised in additional than 3000 representatives.


Development inside the Region


Reliance Industrial Plot in Gurgaon has the husbandry zones of the advancement started territories of Delhi's L-Zone inside the North-East, Gurgaon-Manesar Urban advanced inside the South East, Jhajjar Development started territory inside the North West and Farrukhnagar Development started region inside the South in its fringe.


The administration has created separate uncommon arrangements for the Reliance Industrial Plots Gurgaon once the locus was urged as a controlled territory brooding its potential for organized improvement.


Infrastructure Strength


Electricity: Power requirements will be met from the State distribution grid. Haryana state is aggressively on a mission to becoming a power sufficient state. The project will establish 220 KV GIS substations, as these are connected to the national grid, hence ensuring good reliability of power.


Gas: A pipeline has been laid by the Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL) connecting to the MET area to meet gas requirement for industrial use.


Water: The Government has approved allocation of water from the recently constructed NCR Channel for the MET Project. Work to bring this surface water is underway. Till such time the surface water reaches the area, supply will be met through abstraction of ground water already approved by the CGWA, Govt. of India


RERA Registration Number: Model Economic Township Zone 1 to 3

110 (a) of 2017 dt. 02.11.2017 for 276.006 acres

HRERA-PKL-JJR-1-2018 dt. 28.03.2018 for 8.125 acres MET Project is envisaged as a completely integrated industrial town and can have trade clusters which is able to embrace Domestic Tariff Areas and SEZs with support infrastructure of supply hub, rail and road property and social infrastructure together with residential, commercial, recreational and institutional development


Reliance MET Industrial Plots


Reliance MET industrial plots square measure one in all best development occurring in urban centre NCR. Reliance MET called Model Economic town has been designed at North Gurgaon and Manesar space on Gurgaon Jhajjar Road on KMP throughway. Reliance Industrial Plots Jhajjar falls below block C as per HEPP-2015 policy providing multiple incentives to line North American country producing unit. Reliance MET Industrial space is adjoin 8000 acres out of that 1700 acres already received license to develop from Haryana Govt. over one thousand acres already oversubscribed to 170+ industrial units, a pair of supply parks of that durables, Plastics, motorcar elements General Engineering and footwear sectors dominate. In addition to business and supply, Reliance MET is additionally developing residential, commercial, recreational and institutional facilities in line with our vision of providing walk to figure atmosphere for folks living and dealing.


One industrial plot for Reliance MET has been built in each of the best developments occurring in Old Delhi, NCR. Reliance MET is known as Model Economic Domion and is on the Gurgaon Jhajjar Road on the KMP Pipeline. As per HEPP-2015 policy, there are multiple incentives for industrial lines at Reliance Industrial Plots Jhajjar. Over a thousand acres are already occupied by more than 170 industrial units, and two activity parks, which include sectors such as durable goods, plastics, machinery, general engineering, and footwear.

As well as economic development, Reliance MET also develops residential, commercial, institutional, and recreational facilities as part of its vision to provide walk-to-work environments for those who live and work in the region.

There are excellent connections to all National Highways in the Delhi NCR region via Reliance MET, including Gurgaon, Delhi, and Manesar. Small, medium and large businesses can all benefit from this special economic zone, no matter if they are manufacturing plants, heavy industries, labor-intensive factories, sports equipment, furniture companies, household appliances, chemical plants, or anything else. Manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, automobiles, defence manufacturing, FMCG, healthcare, steel, rubber, leather, jute, manufacturers, distributors. In addition to pharmaceuticals, exports, and imports, every sector of the business can purchase property and land.

KMP, Reliance Industrial Plots, every business selection must be dictated by the memory of its future opportunities and future gifts. With Reliance Industries' Model Economic division, you can benefit from business advantages that facilitate your business's boom these days in addition to guarantee its long-term sustainability. MET's geology, ambiance, quality, network, and social foundation distinguish it from other schools.



Reliance Industrial Plots Price

At Reliance MET, the industrial plot is being developed as a fully integrated industrial township along with supporting infrastructures such as a logistics hub and social infrastructure such as residential, commercial, recreational and institutional developments. Reliance Model Economic Township (MET) offers licensed freehold land for immediate development in standard sizes of 2000 square meters, one acre, two acres, five acres. Reliance Project at Jhajjar, Haryana, offers industrial, commercial, warehousing, and residential plots in a big way. Land for Reliance Model Economic Township at Gurgaon Jhajjar Road, industrial plots from 2000 square meters to 10 acres available on a freehold basis





Price are in per Sq. meter)



1000 Sq. Meter.

Rs. 13,500/-*


2000 Sq. Meter.

Rs. 12,000/-*


1 Acre & above

Rs. 10,000/-*


Reliance Industrial Plots at Jhajjar

Jhajjar district of Haryana is near the Delhi / Gurgaon border; the city of Reliance is located there. Among Delhi's industrial sites, this one has the highest rating. A complete range of social and industrial infrastructure is available at the Reliance MET plots. The Plastic and Footwear Park covers over 400 acres of land and has clusters for the footwear industry.

There are 1000 square meters, 2000 square meters, one acre, five acres, and two-acre plots available at Reliance MET Size.

Free-hold plots are available for sale at Reliance MET. Several infrastructure facilities are available with the industrial plots. A 1000 square meter plot, a half-acre plot, a 2.5-acre plot, and a five-acre plot will be available.

Industrial Plots size and Rera number

1000 Sqm onwards, HRERA - 110 & 135 of 2017


Shri Dhirubhai Ambani founded Reliance Industries on May 8, 1973, which has now become the country's largest manufacturing and telecommunications company. As the name suggests, it is impossible to define or describe the trust industry. Reliance possesses the largest number of assets under its belt, with 195,618 employees (2020) to increase and increase every employee's confidence.


Solid Infrastructure

  • Across the whole network, there are 18m, 24m, 36m, and 45m of road.
  • 240 KV substation with 24-hour power supply.
  • The water supply network-surface water and groundwater.
  • Wastewater Recycling for Telecommunication Networks.
  • Having these open spaces, greens, fun, and golf courses carefully examined with experts, METLs will certainly play a key role in your business's growth and create great reasons for the growth.



Reliance MET Project Highlights

Reliance Model Economic district is 8250 acres (3340 hectares) of the business district on DMIC (Delhi city Industrial Corridor) inside the district of Jhajjar and Gurgaon Haryana. As an area of the first section of development the Reliance Industrial Plots Jhajjar has obtained licenses for the event of business Colony over 365 acres in village Dadri Toe. Reliance MET in Jhajjar offers a mix of industrial, business and residential plots unfold across the planet.


  • Reliance MET is strategically located inside the Capital Region (NCR) having durable property to Gurgaon, metropolis and totally different cities inside the region and National Highways.
  • Located at the western border of the capital Territory of the metropolis (NCTD).
  • Located on the Kundli Manesar Palwal (KMP) freeway.
  • Industrial Plots at Reliance MET are strategically located inside the commercial hubs of the region.
  • Industrial house in metropolis NCR has quick and straightforward access to the Indira Nehru Gandhi International (IGI) airdrome, New Delhi.
  • Industrial Land in Old {delhi|city|metropolis|urban centre} NCR additionally has Rail property to the Northern Railway line and joined to the Dedicated Freight passageway (DFC) of Delhi city Industrial passageway (DMIC).
  • Reliance Industrial Plots unit the foremost reasonable Industrial Land in metropolis NCR


Reliance Model Economic district Profile


  • Reliance MET has over 100 and seventy corporations across very little, medium, huge and fortune 5 hundred world OEMs.
  • Around ordinal of the planet is occupied by overseas corporations from Japan, France and the peninsula.
  • Many of the companies unit activity to major OEMs like Panasonic, Maruti Suzuki, Honda Cars, Honda 2 wheelers etc.
  • Consumer Durables and provide the unit with the foremost necessary and second-largest sectors in Reliance MET in terms of the house with eighty-four & fifty-seven acres, severally followed by Footwear, Plastics and automotive & automotive elements.
  • Major corporations at Reliance MET unit Panasonic, Denso, FM supply, Amber Enterprises, FM supply, Reliance offer etc.
  • Footwear and Plastics sectors have the foremost no. of corporations with thirty-six & thirty-one corporations, severally.

Reliance Industrial Plots at metropolis NCR

Reliance MET is found on the border of the metropolis / Gurgaon in the Jhajjar district of Haryana. This Industrial house is that the foremost rated Industrial Plot in the metropolis region. Reliance MET plots unit still to lower place development and provides totally integrated facility with social and Industrial Infrastructure. Plastic and Footwear park is roofed to a lower place four hundred acres of land and has clusters for the footwear business.

Industrial plots at Reliance MET Size consists of k area unit, 2000 area unit, 1 acre, 2.5 acres, 5 acres.

The Reliance MET plots unit sold out on a freehold basis. Industrial plots unit on the market with all infrastructure facilities. Plots house area unit about to get on the marketplace for sizes k area unit, 1 acre, 2.5 acres and 5 acres.

Supply Chain and provide at Reliance MET.

Reliance Model Economic district can be a huge industrial district and wishes associated with access to a rail and road transport network for movement of merchandise, both international and domestic. The supply chain and provide found out has been cleared and an in-depth project report is being prepared to a lower place Indian Railways.


Strategically located inside the Capital Region (NCR) having durable property to Gurgaon, metropolis and totally different cities inside the region and National Highways. Located at the western border of the capital Territory of the metropolis (NCTD). Located on the Kundli Manesar Palwal (KMP) freeway. Strategically located inside the commercial hubs of the region. Quick and straightforward access to the Indira Nehru Gandhi International (IGI) airdrome, New Delhi. Rail property to the Northern Railway line and joined to the Dedicated Freight passageway (DFC) of metropolis city Industrial passageway (DMIC).The ready accessibility of freehold land for immediate development. Development of clinical test Industrial Colony on 365 acres in progress.


Additionally 1230 acres of land to a lower place grants a license. Greenfield Project – probability for development of the state-of-art economic district. DFC, DMIC, and so the KMP freeway will enhance core infrastructure and build complementary economic activities.


Reliance Industrial Plots Sizes


  • 1000 Sqm Plot Size
  • 2000 Sqm Plot Size
  • 1 Acre (4046 Sqm) Plot Size
  • 2 Acre (8100 Sqm) Plot Size
  • 3 Acre (12000 Sqm) Plot Size
  • 5 Acres - 24 Acres Plot Size

Configuration:- Reliance MET City Plots

 Reliance MET City, Jhajjar Gurgaon Road, Farukh Nagar

Project Name: Reliance MET

Builder Name: Model Economic Township

Transaction Type: Sale

Project Type: Residential

Project Sub Type: Land / Plots

Rera Number: HRERA - PKL-JJR-253-2021

Area: Jhajjar Gurgaon Road

Locality: Reliance MET City

City: Farukh Nagar


  • Maintenance Staff
  • Visitor Parking
  • Drinking Water
  • Sewage System
  • Electricity on Doorstep

Reliance Industrial Plots Details:


  • Over the next five years, the company plans to develop over 2500 acres of land on an area of 8000 acres or 35 square kilometers. Work has already begun at a site of over 1000 acres.
  • Various multinational companies have become operational, including Japanese multinationals Panasonic and Denso. In addition to Indian giant Reliance Industries, international companies like Indoor Space, All Cargo, and FM Logistics are also building large logistic parks here.
  • The total investment in the project area to date exceeds 500 million US dollars and employs over 5000 people.
  • More than 140 companies across a wide range of industrial sectors plan to establish their operations within the next few years, including engineering, auto components, garments, consumer goods, electronics, biotech, plastics and logistics.
  • Many of the requirements for any industry to flourish are met by model economic townships. Just north of Gurgaon is the district Jhajjar in Haryana, where the Reliance Industrial Plots are strategically located.
  • Delhi's Reliance Industrial Plots site houses the national cancer institute, which has been established on the AIIMS campus. XLRI, a leading management institute with its Delhi campus near IIT Delhi, Sehwag International School, university, and other leading colleges, all provide excellent educational opportunities in the area.
  • The Maneser expressway also known as the western peripheral expressway passes through the Reliance Industrial Plots and connects all the highways that originate in Delhi.


The Location Advantage of Reliance MET Plots

  • With a strong connection to Gurgaon, Delhi, and other towns in the region and to the National Highways, this property is strategically located in the National Capital Region (NCR).
  • The National Capital Territory of Delhi (NCTD) is located at the western border of the state
  • The Kundli Manesar Palwal (KMP) Expressway runs through the area
  • Strategically located in one of the regions industrial hubs
  • New Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport is easily accessible
  • Rail connections to the Northern Railway line and to the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC)

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