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  • Property TypeIndustrial Plot
  • Property Sub Type Industrial Land
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  • Area Gurgaon
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Reliance Industrial Plots kmp




It is strategically located in the National Capital Vicinity (NCR), with strong connections to Gurgaon, Old Delhi, other cities in the region, and National Highways.

Located on the western outskirts of Old Delhi's capital territory (NCTD). The Kundli Manesar Palwal (KMP) highway runs through the area.

Placed in one of the region's industrial clusters

Quick and simple access to the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) aerodrome, New Delhi Rail property to the Northern Railway line and joined to the Dedicated Freight passageway (DFC) of Old Delhi urban center Industrial passageway (DMIC).


Credentials of a Strong Promoter

Freehold property is readily available for quick development.

Ongoing development of phase I of the Industrial Colony on 365 acres. To evict 1230 acres of land that had been granted a licence.


The Greenfield Project offers the opportunity to create a cutting-edge economic district.

DFC, DMIC, and hence the KMP motorway can improve basic infrastructure while also fostering ancillary economic activity.


Highlights of the Reliance MET Project

Reliance Model Economic Administrative District is a business administrative district of 8250 acres (3340 hectares) located on the DMIC (Delhi Urban Center Industrial Corridor) in the Jhajjar and Gurgaon districts of Haryana. Reliance Industrial Plots Jhajjar has secured licences for the construction of a business colony covering 365 acres as part of the core portion of the development. Reliance MET in Jhajjar provides a mix of industrial, commercial, and residential plots all over the world.

Reliance MET is conveniently located in the National Capital Vicinity (NCR), with strong connections to Gurgaon, Old Delhi, other cities in the region, and National Highways.


Reliance MET's supply chain

Model of Reliance Economic administrative district could be a large industrial, administrative area that requires access to a rail and road transportation network for international and domestic product mobility. The supply chain has been cleared, and a detailed project report is being prepared under Indian Railways.


Reliance Industrial Plots is a 100% subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited, India's largest private sector corporation. Reliance MET Jhajjar is working on the creation of an Integrated Industrial Administrative District on State Highway 15-A near Farukhnagar, Haryana. 1700 acres to be developed Panasonic, Denso, and Bati North are the anchor businesses, and we have sold over a thousand acres to 180+ industrial units and two supply parks, with the durable goods, plastics, car parts, general engineering, and footwear sectors dominating.

Economic administrative district model.


Reliance Haryana SEZ Limited was established in October 2006 as a Model Economic Administrative District limited (RHSL). The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Reliance Ventures Limited, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited. It is engaged in the establishment of a Model Economic Administrative Area (MET) in the Jhajjar district. The Haryana government has approved the MET project's establishment on the economic Model administrative district framework within the Jhajjar district and contiguous portions of the Gurgaon district, where it controls around 8250 acres of land.


Infrastructure Strength 

• Power - Power requirements will be met through the state distribution grid. Haryana is on a goal to transform into a politically stable state. The project will be able to build 220 kilovolt GIS substations, which will be connected to the national grid, ensuring smart power reliability.


• Water: The government has granted a water allocation for the MET Project from the newly constructed NCR Channel. Work is underway to raise this surface water to the surface. Until the surface water reaches the rest of the world, the offer will be satisfied by drawing water from wells that have already been certified by the CGWA of India.

• Gas: The Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL) has ordered a pipeline to link to the MET space to meet industrial gas demand.

• Residential and Social Infrastructure - Reliance MET is envisioned as a self-sufficient administrative district that will fulfil the expected economic development infrastructure's residential and social infrastructure needs. The project is expected to include a combination of commercial, residential, institutional, commercial, and recreational elements.


Reliance Industrial Plots in the NCR of Old Delhi

Reliance MET is located in the Jhajjar region of Haryana, on the border of Old Delhi and Gurgaon. This Industrial Plot is the most highly ranked in the Old Delhi neighbourhood. Reliance MET develops land that is still under construction and offers a fully integrated facility with social and industrial infrastructure. A tarpaulin covers the Plastic and Footwear Park.


Clusters for the shoe industry

Reliance MET has industrial lands. A thousand square metres, 2000 square metres, 1 acre, 2.5acre, and 5 acre are the various sizes available.

On a freehold basis, the Reliance MET plots are sold out. Industrial sites are available for purchase, complete with all necessary infrastructure. Plots of land will be available in sizes of 1,000 square metres, 1 acre, 2.5 acre, and five acres.

Location and property information for Reliance MET

The Reliance Industrial Plot is extremely well connected to the Western Peripheral Motorway, which runs through Old Delhi and the Gurgaon National Route.

From Farukhnagar terminal extension to a non-public freight terminal, there is a two-kilometer rail network. In addition, the Garhi Harsaru station is being refurbished for sanctionative lading movement

The Northern Road and the Dwarka Motorway will also be finished. This could provide Reliance MET's production network, supply chain, and transportation facilities a major boost.

There are even some residential properties on the Reliance Industrial sites. Employees and crew that work on Reliance MET can live in these residential properties. They are provided with a reasonable and good standard of living at a low cost.

Industrial plots are available with all Reliance plots in Gurgaon and nearby places of NCR. We help you with all the information related to the land and help with all required information related to the buyers. In case of any insurance-related issues, we are there to help you with that as well. We do not charge for any consultation for any properties.


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