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  • Property TypeIndustrial Plot
  • Property Sub Type Industrial Land
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  • Area Gurgaon
  • Plot Size1000
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Reliance industrial plots in Gurgaon


Concerning the Model Economic Township


Model Economic Township Limited (METL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited, India's largest private sector company, and is working on the development of an integrated industrial township called "The Model Economic Township" on the western outskirts of New Delhi in Haryana's Jhajjar district.

It is a fully integrated industrial township with industry clusters such as the Electronic Manufacturing Cluster, SME Park, Footwear Park, and Engineering Park, as well as supporting infrastructure such as a logistics hub and social infrastructure such as residential, commercial, recreational, and institutional development.


Plots for Industry


Why do we need an industrial plot in Gurgaon, and why can't we build industries wherever we choose, including in our own homes? 

These are some of the questions that spring to mind while considering purchasing an industrial plot, particularly for small-scale businesses or businesses that do not require enormous floor areas to function.


For a variety of reasons, industries should only operate on approved Industrial Plots. 

Traffic congestion is caused by pollution, both noise and environmental pollution. 


Dangerous to the community 

Increases population density, and commercial activity in residential areas has its own popularity. Being in an industrial town also gives them an advantage in terms of finding buyers and dealers for theirproducts within the town. 

Usually, feeder smaller enterprises sprout around the facility itself for a larger industry. 

This method saves a lot of time, money, and energy, and money saved is money earned.


Town planners divide the city into a few parts, keeping all of the restrictions in mind, They build Industrial Corridors, Industrial Hubs, and Industrial Towns, as well as specific-sized Industrial Plots.


Purchasing an industrial plot is always a smart idea for people who work in manufacturing or any other type of industry. It is easier for industrialists to obtain licenses and permissions from government organisations on a designated industrial plot. Also being in an industrial town gives them an added advantage, in terms of buyers and sellers of their products within the industrial town itself. Mostly for a bigger Industry the feeder smaller industries mushroom near the plant itself. This way a lot of wastage of time, money and energy is saved and money saved is money earned.


Another significant advantage of an Industrial Plot in an Industrial Town is that Industrial Towns are difficult to relocate; even if the city expands its boundaries, Industrial plots remain in the same location and their property value rises. 

Even though the Industrial Hub is asked to relocate due to the ever-increasing population of cities, it is a financially viable relocation for the Industries because the owners will sell their industrial plot for a higher price and buy a new plot for a lesser price Many people have transformed their industrial units into offices and are using them for IT and ITES service related units in some circumstances.


Overall, a Designated Industrial site is beneficial not just to society but also to the buyer.

Industrial, commercial, warehousing, and residential plots are all being developed in a significant scale in the Reliance project in Jhajjar, Haryana, as part of a well-planned township.

We, at Aquarock, are premium channel partners with them and would be delighted to assist anyone with any questions on industrial and warehousing plots. MET (Model Economic Township) is around 5 kilometres from Farukhnagar, 14 kilometres from Jhajjar, 17 kilometres from Bahadurgarh, 30 kilometres from Haryana's Gurgaon city, and 18 kilometres from Delhi's Najafgarh.


It is inside the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) Project's influence region, and the Haryana government has recommended it as a DMIC node. The western Dedicated Freight Corridor is also tied to the project (DFC). It has all of the necessary infrastructure, including power, gas, and water. Road, rail, and an international airport connect it to the rest of the world.


Industrial plots are available in all sizes over 1000 square metres and can be purchased as needed. Most industries are being urged to relocate to the outskirts of cities in today's environment, and this is a great chance for industries and storage companies to set up shop. A few Japanese businesses have already begun production, and two significant storage firms have also begun operations. Even global corporations are outsourcing their warehouse operations to third-party logistic providers, and the warehousing industry is booming.




Reliance Industries is creating an 8000-acre ‘Model Economic Township' (MET) near Jhajjar, Haryana, 45 minutes from Gurgaon, 60 minutes from Delhi International Airport, and adjacent to the DMIC corridor.

Model Economic Township (MET) is an integrated industrial enclave in Haryana's Jhajjar district that spans 8250 acres (about 35 square kilometres). 

This project has gained in-principle approval from the Haryana government for the construction of a 220 KV substation that will provide reliable power 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The NCR Channel has granted surface water allocation approval, as well as groundwater extraction approval.


8,250 acre total area 

Approximately 1,600 acres are under development.


Currently available for purchase - 365 acres with plot sizes starting at 1000 square metres.


MET – USPs & Competitive Blend

  • Ideally located adjacent to the NCT of Delhi • India's No. 1 Private Sector Company – Reliance Industries Limited 
  • Rail-linked Industrial Township Logistics Hub on the DFC, Strong Regional Connectivity, and Multi-modal Transport Network
  • Freehold land of 8250 acres with no future enhancement compensationEnvironment Clearance for 1860 acres

• A Licensed Industrial Colony of 365 acres.

• Government approved creation of 220 KV substation

• Government allocated supply of over 100 MLD from newly built NCR Channel


The following are some of the development's primary features:

  • Plug-and-play model, with road, electricity, water, and sewerage available up to the plot boundary.
  • Completely integrated township with industry clusters and supporting infrastructure such as a logistics centre, residential, commercial, recreational, and institutional enclaves.

      • India accounts for 2/3 of all automobiles, 50% of tractors, and 60% of motorcycles.


India produces 50% of refrigerators, 25% of sanitary items, and 25% of bicycles.

There are around 1200 large and medium businesses and 80,000 small and medium businesses in the area.


There are now more than 50 German enterprises present.


• The State Distribution Grid will provide the necessary power. 

Haryana is on a mission to become a self-sufficient state in terms of energy. 

The project will build 220 KV GIS substations, which will be connected to the national grid, assuring high power reliability.



Key Industry clusters

• General Manufacturing Cluster 

• Footwear Park 

• Food Park 

• Textile & Apparel Park 

• Plastics and Toys Park 

• Logistics & Warehousing 

• General Engineering Park 

• General Manufacturing Cluster 


The following are the developments that already present in MET


  • Panasonic and Denso, two large Japanese companies, are already present.


  • Reliance Retail's 90-acre National Distribution Centre is now under construction and will be operating soon.


  • Construction of a rail-connected Private Freight Terminal (PFT) on 182 acres to contain an ICD and Customs house to meet the logistics needs right on the doorstep.

     • IndoSpace, a private equity firm, is developing a 130acre warehouse and industrial park in MET, with built-up space for lease.








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