HSIIDC Industrial plots Scheme 2020

Industrial Plot


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  • Property TypeIndustrial Plot
  • Property Sub Type Industrial Land
  • Transaction type Sale
  • Area Gurgaon
  • Plot Size1000
  • Rate On Request /
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HSIIDC Industrial plots Scheme 2020

The allotment of business plots shall be created in accordance with the revised allotment procedure prescribed in Estate Management Procedures (EMP)-2015. simply just in case the amount of qualifying applications once scrutiny area unit found to be however the amount of plots offered for allotment, the allotment shall be created by the industrial Plot Allotment Committee and simply just in case the amount of qualifying applications area unit over the amount of offered plots, the allotment shall be created through restricted e-auction amongst the qualifying candidates.

Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation (HSIIDC) area unit giving twenty three industrial plots in Manesar, Faridabad, Bahadurgarh, Kundli and Manakpur, Haryana in its new Industrial Plot theme 2020. the size of the plots vary from 11395 sq mtr to 31995 sq mtr approx. and each one plots area unit on the market among the vary of one.95Crores to 62Crores. The HSIIDC Rohtak industrial plots area unit placed in Industrial Areas developed by the Corporation and enjoy the good road property and various amenities.

The industrial plots at Tohana is that the foremost cost-efficient on the market plot offered by HSIIDC at Rs. 3200 per Sq mtr. and Gurugram industrial plots is of highest worth at Rs. 48000 per Sqmtr. The costs are same as were applicable in earlier HSIIDC industrial Plot theme 2020.

Terms & Conditions for on-line Industrial Plot/shed/FF shed allotment

1. The allotment shall be created in accordance with the Enterprises Promotion Policy of the authorities and Estate Management Procedures (EMP)/ Allotment Procedure of the Corporation, as amended from time to time. The human confirms that he has versed the industrial Policy of the authorities and thus the Estate Management Procedures (EMP)/ Allotment Procedure of HSIIDC and understood the provisions thence and agrees to abide by identical.

2. The applying is required to be created by the human himself, simply just in case of individual/proprietorship firm; by any partner, duly approved by the alternative partners, simply just in case of Partnership Firm/Limited Liability Partnership (LLP); by Director/authorized person, duly approved by a resolution passed among the meeting of Board of directors, simply just in case of Company; main promoter, of joint applicants; Karta just in case of HUF; Trustee, approved by Board of Trustees simply just in case of Trust; by the NRI/PIO, simply just in case of application to a lower place NRI/PIO category.

3. The allotment shall be created as per convenience and thus the range of plots indicated among the advertisement/Web portal area unit tentative and will vary at the time of allotment.

4. Size of the plots indicated is tentative and will vary at the time of allotment/possession.

5. The plots area unit allotted on 1st return 1st serve basis.

6. The human shall be required to stay up confidentiality of the assigned User ID and countersign and among the event of identical passing on to any person; all risk and responsibility shall rest with the human.

7. The registered E-mail ID of the human shall be used by HSIIDC for act with the applicant/allottee. Therefore, the human shall be required to stay up the registered E-mail ID on permanent basis/ update the changed E-mail ID with the Corporation.

8. The human shall be required to produce correct information among the shape, project report and various documents and simply just in case any information is found to be incorrect, at a later stage, allotment of the plot/shed shall be prone to be off.

9. The applying shall be thought of for allotment of plot/shed entirely once submission/uploading the required information/documents what is more as once receipt of signed copy of the acknowledgement by the Corporation. Incomplete application shall be out justifiably rejected.

10. The human shall be required to supply the documents, as might even be required by the Corporation, for verification from time to time.

11. Just in case the human is found successful for allotment of plot/shed, upon issue of traditional Letter of Allotment (RLA), the allottee shall be required to submit unconditional acceptance to the terms and conditions of allotment/RLA, deposit required amount towards allotment money and execute agreement with the Corporation among the required quantity. Conditional acceptance shall not be happy.

12. Simply just in case of application to a lower place FDI category, a minimum of thirty third of the project worth has to come back back from FDI route with the approval of the concerned authorities.

13. The utilization and utilization of plot/shed, limits for commencement of production, completion of the project, extension in this, leasing/renting of designed up house, transfer of the plot, modification in constitution, mortgage of plot with any Bank/FI and various matters connected with the allotment/management of business plot/shed shall be dominated by the Provisions of Estate Management Procedures of the Corporation, as amended from time to time.

14. Violations of any terms and conditions of allotment, provisions of Enterprise Promotion Policy, EMP or any rules/regulations framed by the authorities what is more as HSIIDC or non-payment of dues, shall render the plot guilty for resumption.

15. The information/ documents stocked with by the candidates shall be preserved for a most quantity of four years from the date of submission of application.

16. Mere reduced of earnest & method fee(non-refundable) and submission of application shall not entitle the human for allotment of plot/shed/FF shed.

17. The allotment rate mentioned on the portal is tentative and allotment shall be created at the speed prevailing on the date of issue of RLA or Bid quoted by the human simply just in case of e-auction, whichever is higher.

18. Just in case the human, United Nations agency offers the highest bid to a lower place e-auction allotment theme of the Corporation but does not accept the allotment, the total amount deposited by him towards the applying money in conjunction with the applying i.e. 100% {of worth|useful|valuable|important |of import} of the plot at the reserve value shall be confiscate.

19. Where the amount of applications received area unit however or up to the amount of offered plots and allotment is formed at the reserve worth, in those cases together, if the human does not accept the allotment once issue of the RLA, the total amount deposited by him towards the applying money, shall be confiscate.

20. Once the Regular Letter of Allotment has been issued, no surrender of plot shall be accepted to a lower place any circumstances.

21. All disputes shall be subject to jurisdiction of Panchkula, Haryana entirely.

22. The Corporation reserves the correct to add/amend/withdraw/modify any of the on prime of terms and conditions at any stage with none notice. The selection of the Corporation in respect of those area unit final.

 Guidelines for on-line Industrial Plot/shed/FF shed applicants:

1. Initial time user is required to register himself/herself/itself through registration link.

2. Registered user and human seeking plot allotment (persons(s)/entity proposing to line up the industrial project) have to be compelled to be identical. Please select applicable human standing at the time of registration.

3. Human Company/Partnership Firm/LLP etc. have to be compelled to be respiratory at the time of application, duly incorporated/registered as per applicable laws. Modification of name at allotment stage is not supported by on-line application utility. In-case of Joint candidates, most three candidates are going to be a part of on. simply just in case of Company/Partnership Firm/LLP applying to a lower place ‘NRI category’, main promoter have to be compelled to have valid NRI standing with majority stake (at least fifty one shareholding) among the project. To a lower place ‘Persons with incapacity category’, human is entirely a personal or possession.

4. The human have to be compelled to have a legitimate Permanent Account selection (PAN) issued by taxation authorities, active bank account and active email id.

5. The Project kind has been classified as i) Mega ii) FDI iii) NRI/PIO iv) General v) Persons with incapacity. Human shall be required to decide on the appropriate Project kind. Further, in Section-I of on-line type, human can select the appropriate human category out of i) ladies capitalist ii) man iii) scheduled Caste human iv) General v) initial generation capitalist about to setup business for initial time.

6. Mega Projects: As per EMP, Mega Project would mean; Project involving mounted Capital Investment (i.e. land, building, plant and machinery & Misc. mounted Assets) of Rs. 100 whole number and on prime of or project involving employment generation of over 5 hundred persons and serving as Anchor/mother units for proliferation of ancillaries. Such comes is believed of grant of a tailor-made package of incentives, looking on deserves of the case, Haryana Enterprise Promotion Board.

7. The human is required to remit application money beside method fee(non-refundable) through payment gateway/ system generated challan. Payment through the opposite mode shall not be accepted. Deposit of Lesser amount than the required amount will cause non acceptance/rejection of the applying. Please consult with the procedure for making payment for any details. Human shall be required to produce details of bank account in Section II of the on-line application. Refund of earnest, if needed, shall be created by HSIIDC by means that of transfer of funds to the registered bank account of the human. Candidates seeking plot allotment to a lower place ‘NRI/PIO category’ area unit required to transfer funds out of their Non-Resident External Rupee Account (NRE A/c) or by means that of remittances from aboard.

8. Application is required to be submitted on-line, on or before the last date, once filling up all three Sections and uploading Project Report and various documents in Section-IV. The applying money beside method fee (non-refundable) have to be compelled to be owing to the chosen bank account of the Corporation on or before last date of filing on-line application. Application money amount if traceable once 12:00 time of day of the purpose in time of filing of on-line application will not be accepted. Human shall not be able to submit incomplete application or once the stipulated last date has pass away.

9. Once submission of application and successful realization of application money amount by HSIIDC, associate acknowledgement shall be generated. Person filing the applying, as declared among the on-line application, shall be required to sign the acknowledgement and send a twin of HSIIDC. any method of application shall begin entirely once receipt of identical by HSIIDC.

10. No change, whatsoever, among the main points provided in submitted application shall be happy by HSIIDC at allotment stage, unless the human is specifically directed by HSIIDC to undertake to to so. However, modification of address and bank account for refund of application money is formed by the human on-line.

11. Human is recommended to retain a reproduction of the uploaded documents beside project report (both burdensome and soft copies) in conjunction with details of the information provided in on-line application for future reference.

12. Human is required to stay to the file format / size in respect of documents to be uploaded in Section- IV of on-line application to avoid any inconvenience. The project report writing utility is downloaded in Microsoft surpass version 2003 onward entirely. amendment Macros for using the project report writing utility. Please make certain that the project report writing utility is downloaded by the human from on-line application and thus a similar file (downloaded one) is uploaded once filling up required details and complete validation to avoid any inconvenience in submission of application.

13. Once the Regular Letter of Allotment has been issued, no surrender of plots shall be accepted to a lower place any circumstances.

14. For any issue / issues related to reduced of application money or submitting on-line application, please contact HSIIDC at 91-172-2590481-3 or any of the helpdesks.

15. Request for modification of plot shall be accepted through on-line mode entirely once issue of RLA and among fifteen days of issue of RLA.


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